From Capitol Hill to the Board Room: Understanding Upcoming Nonprofit Policy and Its Impact

Do you know what’s bubbling in Washington that could benefit or hurt your organization’s fundraising goals? Have you considered the value of standing apart from your peers by elevating your organization’s work and mission with lawmakers?

Strong leaders stay informed of what policy changes are coming their way so they can plan, pivot, and shine. If you’re ready to take your organization to the next level, watch this webinar to learn what’s top of mind in Washington for the nonprofit sector. You’ll discover:

  • Why your donors are concerned about looming policy changes
  • What you can do about it to ensure you retain and grow your donor base
  • What top nonprofits (small ones too) are doing to elevate their work and mission

This is a must-see session for any nonprofit fundraiser looking for an approachable, easy-to-understand summary of how upcoming policy changes will impact their fundraising.

Click here to download the slides!

Meet the Speaker:

Sandra Swirski is deeply connected to the individuals and institutions influencing public policy that shapes charitable giving. She is an accomplished and award-winning specialist steeped in knowledge of the bills and issues impacting wealth policy, tax law, and philanthropy. Along the way, Sandra has advised organizations—big and small—on how to stand taller and fundraise boldly by leveraging lawmakers’ attention to their work. You can learn more about Sandra and her work at

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