Opportunities Assessment – Discover Ways To Maximize Your Fundraising Ecosystem

With your attention focused on supporting your cause, it can be easy to miss ways to increase efficiency, fundraising, and impact.

In this webinar, Kyle Gregory, CEO and Co-Founder of Give Back Nation, shows us how to maximize your fundraising ecosystem through assessment, discovery, and implementation of enhancements to increase efficiency, fundraising, and impact.

In this session, we share:

  • Insights to help improve and enhance your website, branding and storytelling
  • Ways to remove barriers to give and add funding sources
  • How to maximize and expand donor data to fuel efficient, long-term engagement

This is a must-see session for nonprofit professionals looking to understand how to maximize their fundraising efficiencies.

Click here to download the slides

Meet the Speaker:

Kyle Gregory, CEO, Co-Founder, Give Back Nation – From 2006, using his vast array of management experience and dedication to “giving back”, Kyle, his father, Nick, and several other entrepreneurial philanthropists spent more than five years in planning the launch of Give Back Nation. In 2020, the Give Back Nation Team and its Partners served, supported and helped to give back over $302 million to over 540 nonprofits across the country. Kyle oversees the research, vetting and selection of expert sourcing partners, solutions and platforms, coaching best practices and strategic planning to better serve and help maximize the fundraising ecosystem.

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